In the 1980's, Michael Scott opened and managed three restaurants in New York called The Great American Health Bar. After completing his Master degree in Computer Science he taught and consulted in Japan, New York and Pennsylvania. Michael currently teaches, among other courses, culinary math at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

This website provides a complete course in culinary math. 
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Michael Scott

Michael Scott
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    Mark Down TriangleThis course includes basic math skills, proportions and ratios, converting from US to metric, APQ, EPQ, APC, EPC, through recipe costing. We removed some algebraic formulas and replace them with visual triangle structures for three variable problems to simplify the math. This is a more holistic approach that makes it easier to understand the formulas, remember how they are applied, and apply them successfully.

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    Easier formulas
    by System Administrator - Sunday, 22 February 2015, 3:50 PM

    Using triangle structures for three variable problems removes the algebra by revealing three formulas in one. This makes problem solving much easier. Wherever we can, we use these structures throughout the course. For an example, see the PDF file for Mark-up and Mark-down formulas attached to this message.